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PackagePackage of Machines and Milk Frother
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Capsy Espresso Machine & Milk Frother

Especially made for office use, the small-size machine manufactured by sgl and designed for capsule operation, boasts top-quality features at a low price. Available in three versions (manual, dosed, and steam-dosed) and in two colors, Capsy can fulfill all the needs of the domestic market and the Office Coffee Service. Its modern and compact design sets it apart at first glance. A series of technical details, as the half-automatic ejection of any used capsule, make it user-friendly. Capsy, easy to use, easy to love

Milk Frother


With Blue & Red indicator light to show different conditions

1. Press the button, it is red indicator light will heat and foam the milk

2. Press the button 2 seconds ,it is blue indicator light, will foam milk without heating


1. Warming milk without foaming

2. Warming and foaming milk

3. Foaming milk without heating

Presenting Capsy

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